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“We don’t believe in your God. We don’t live by the Bible or by the Christian God."

Christian Action has been involved in a whole series of pro-family events and actions in order to counter the relentless attack of the homosexual lobby against the family.

The Paganisation of South Africa

The ANC has been railroading through Parliament the legalisation of homosexual “marriages” in South Africa . The betrayal of this country into the hands of Marxist mass murderers has led to the paganisation of this once strongly Christian nation. Once babies were protected from abortion, all foul language, sex scenes and blasphemy were censored out of Hollywood films before they could be shown in our country, Sundays were honoured with no commercial activity or cinemas open, in honour of the Lord’s Day, schools started with Bible reading, hymn singing and prayer in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. But, today, we have legalised gambling, legalised prostitution, legalised abortion, and now even legalised homosexual “marriages.”


Five years ago, Africa Christian Action published the landmark book: The Pink Agenda – Sexual Revolution and the Ruin of the Family in South Africa. Even before the book had been published, it was being denounced by radical homosexual groups as: “The worst homophobic hate speech ever written!” And they were calling for its banning. However, author Christine McCafferty’s impeccable research, with over 400 footnotes and documentation drawn from over 80 different sources, has now been fully vindicated. Everything that Africa Christian Action warned about in The Pink Agenda has been shown to be a clear and present danger to the family, churches and civilisation itself.

Social Engineering

The homosexualists own writings make it abundantly clear that, as part of a vast social engineering project, the pink agenda will not settle for the deviant being declared normal. They insist that the normal must be declared deviant. The stated goal of radical homosexualists is to force all of society – beginning in primary schools - to conform to sexual deviancy.

The Battle for the Family

The gay agenda strategy has been to first pose as “victims of discrimination”, but once their special rights have been achieved, their goal is to move away from the defensive “victim” argument to an offensive “social constructivism” role that attacks the traditional family and attempts to redefine the basic building block of society. By demanding government funding and public sanction of homosexuality, homosexualists are forcing their beliefs on all of society. Even more than this, they are trying to win unrestricted access to schools to promote their perverse behaviour.

Redefining Marriage

Even more than wanting taxpayer funding for their propaganda and recruitment campaigns in schools, the homosexualists want to redefine the social institution of marriage itself. All the major religions in South Africa , including Christianity, Islam and Judaism teach that homosexuality is a perversion. Every religious and ethnic group in South Africa accepts that marriage should be a life long commitment between a man and a woman.

Ignoring the Electorate

Even though well over 90% of the thousands of submissions made to Parliament were overwhelmingly against this perversion of the basic building block of society, the ruling ANC government has arrogantly ignored the strong convictions of the vast majority of the electorate and forced all their members to vote the party line, no conscience vote allowed.

Mobilising for Marriage

By God’s grace, thousands of South African Christians mobilised and marched against this blatant defiance of God’s Law. On 16 September, Africa Christian Action, along with thousands of other Christians, united under the banner of the Marriage Alliance, marched for marriage. Christians protested the radical homosexual agenda to redefine marriage and legalise so-called homosexual “marriages” with marches in Cape Town , Durban , Johannesburg , Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth . In Cape Town , over three thousand Christians marched to Parliament and handed over a Memorandum to the Chairman of the Home Affairs Portfolio Committee. The Marriage Alliance is made up of about 100 Christian denominations and organisations, representing over 20 million Christians.

Parliamentary Presentations

The National Co-ordinator of the Christian Action Network, Taryn Hodgson, went to Parliament to present a written and oral submission at the public hearings concerning this Bill. Later, on 23 November, I joined Taryn to present the Christian Action Network’s objections to the Civil Unions Bill at the Select Committee on Social Services of the National Council of Provinces (the old Senate) at Parliament.

Misleading the Masses

We testified that marriage is the basic building block of society. It provides stability, nurture, training and protection for the next generation. That is why marriage has always been protected in law. Any undermining of this foundational institution will have disastrous and far-reaching implications for civilisation. We witnessed firsthand the absolute contempt which ANC members of Parliament hold for God, His Law, the Bible and even the voters. They chuckled when we pointed out that the vast majority of voters opposed this Bill and challenged them to hold a Referendum on the issue. “We don’t need to follow the electorate, we must lead the masses – in a creative way!” declared one of the ANC members in the National Council of Provinces when I challenged him.

A Preference for Paganism

Although the Parliamentarians listened respectfully, and with obvious agreement and nodding of heads, to the pagan archpriestess Donna Vos of the Circle of the African Moon, they reacted with great hostility to the Christian presentations opposing the Bill.

A Pagan Perspective

Archpriestess Donna ‘Dark Wolf’ testified that “the pagans, who represent the oldest religion in the world, that of the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Druids, whole-heartedly support same-sex marriages and the Civil Union Bill/Act.” She asserted that, as people fall in love with a soul, it is irrelevant what body, gender or parts thereof their partners had. She asserted: “True democracy must respect all religions, including paganism.” The pagan presentation claimed that it was “unthinkable that Christianity should continue to manipulate legislation” as Christianity was the “new religion”, paganism as “the oldest religion” should have pre-eminence. “We are bound by nature, trees, plants, hills… not by the Bible or by the Christian God.”

Hostility to Christianity

While the Parliamentarians seemed very happy to accept the pagan presentation, they vitriolicly attacked the Christian presentations and representatives. I heard ANC members of Parliament say in response to our presentation: “We don’t believe in your God. We don’t live by the Bible or by the Christian God. It’s no good quoting to us what Paul or Isaiah said. We don’t believe in your Paul or Isaiah.” Another Parliamentarian claimed that he had been raised as “a strong Christian” but that he would not impose his own religious views on his children. They had not been baptised and he does not allow his religious views to interfere with his politics! “We leave the Bible in church, here in Parliament, the Constitution is supreme!”
One ANC member declared: “The Bible was used to justify Apartheid, so we cannot use the Bible to stop homosexuals from getting married.”

What Do Children Have to Do with Marriage?

“Is it right for you Christians to impose your morals on everyone else? Do you expect us to defy the Constitutional Court ?” Another ANC member berated us: “Why drag children into this Bill? What do children have to do with marriage? This Bill says nothing about children. We are only talking about a union between two people. If children result or are adopted that is another matter. It is not an issue in this Bill. So why are you talking about the children? What do children have to do about marriage?”
When, after these and many other points were raised in objection, challenging us, we were finally allowed to respond, I said that children have everything to do with marriage. Every one of us is the product of a male and female, father and mother - a family. One of the primary purposes of marriage is the procreation of children. It doesn’t matter what we call it, or how much social engineering legislation is passed, homosexual couples cannot produce children. They are barren. Homosexual unions are against the Law of God, and the laws of nature.

Victims of Atheism

If some Christians have abused the Bible to justify evil, that does not vindicate those who use Atheism, evolutionism, and situation ethics to justify killing babies by abortion, exploiting women made in the image of God for the industry of pornography, or using our schools as recruitment centres for homosexual perverts. As the members had claimed that thousands had been killed in the name of Christianity, we need to remind the house of the tens of millions, in fact hundreds of millions, of people who have been killed in the name of Secular Humanism and Atheism – such as in Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao Tse Tung’s Red China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Mengistu’s Ethiopia, Machel’s Mozambique and just across the border in Mugabe’s Communist Zimbabwe.

The Blood of the Innocent Babies Cries Out

At this I was ruled out of order and told to confine my comments to South Africa . In response to the Chairlady’s instruction I proceeded to discuss the over 600,000 pre-born babies who have been legally killed by abortion in South Africa since this house and ruling party had legalised abortion in 1997. The Chairlady again interrupted me and told me that the Termination of Pregnancy Act was not the subject at hand, and I must confine my comments to the Civil Unions Bill.

Double Standards

So apparently, it is acceptable for pagans and parliamentarians to attack Christianity, even the Roman Catholic manifestations in Europe in the Middle Ages, but not appropriate for Christians to respond by evaluating the fruit of Atheism in the 20 th Century, nor even in our immediate neighbouring states. They could attack the Bible, and even God Himself, but we were not allowed to question their legislation or constitution, or even remind them of the human loss of life resulting from their policies.

Freedom is a Fruit of Christianity

I pointed out that Christians were not seeking to impose their beliefs on anyone else. In fact, religious freedom is a fruit of Christianity. It is Protestant Christianity which introduced the concept of freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Liberty is a fruit of Christianity. No, it is the secular Humanists, evolutionists, communists, abortionists, pornographers and homosexuals who are seeking to impose their agenda on the vast majority of South Africans who want nothing to do with their perversions and paganism.

What’s Wrong with Social Engineering?

When I asserted that this legislation is “social engineering”, an ANC Parliamentarian responded enthusiastically that: “Of course this Bill is social engineering, all of our Bills are social engineering. Just as the Apartheid government used legislation for social engineering, so we are using it for social engineering! All of our Bills are about social engineering! Do you want us to defy the Constitutional Court ?” he asked.

Defying the Laws of God and Nature

I pointed out that their legislation is defying the voters, defying the clearly expressed will of the electorate as seen in over 90% of the submissions to Parliament, and, most importantly, defying the laws of nature and of Almighty God. I pointed out that homosexuality is a crime throughout the rest of Africa . That only seven countries in the whole world have legalised homosexual “marriages”, and if we were to introduce it here, we would be out of step, not only with nature itself, God’s Law, the legislation of most nations worldwide, but with every other country in Africa as well.
In response, an ANC Parliamentarian declared that he is proud that the ANC is leading South Africa to become the first country in Africa to legalise homosexual unions: “We are trail blazers in Africa !” he declared.

Contempt for the Voters

Another ANC member mocked us saying: “We passed abortion a long time ago here in this house, yet we are still here. The voters still vote for us, even though they oppose abortion.”

Private Ownership of Women?

Another ANC Parliamentarian declared that it was “not true that families and marriage had always existed. Marriage came into being with private property. To privatise the ownership of women!”

Marxism Vs Marriage

I pointed out that that was the Marxist Leninist theory, but the fact is that every civilisation and religion had practiced marriage, as being between one man and one woman, and this was not the creation of any government or economic system, but the ordinance of God. No government had the authority or power to redefine the creation ordinance of marriage. Marriage is a religious ordinance, one which was initiated by Almighty God at the very beginning, in the Garden of Eden.
“So you say!” retorted one ANC parliamentarian.
“No,” I replied, “that is what the Bible says.”
“Well, we don’t believe in your Bible,” declared another ANC member.
“Evidently not, but the day will come when you will have to stand before Almighty God and give an account of your actions on Judgment Day.”

A Cover for Corruption

I challenged the parliamentarians that this homosexual marriage bill is nothing but a financial scam for homosexual couples to seek tax benefits and employee benefits, such as pensions, etc. for their live-in lovers. Several Parliamentarians nodded and expressed agreement that “yes” that was their intention.

Parenthood Vs Perversion

In response I pointed out that homosexual relationships are barren. It doesn’t matter what you call it, homosexuality cannot produce children. But true marriages can. And the reason why countries and companies have extended financial benefits, tax breaks and support to married couples has been to assist them in the immensely important and sacrificial task of raising the next generation. It takes real sacrifice, in terms of time and money, to raise children. And as these children are the life blood of any society, parents, particularly mothers who are widowed, need benefits to enable them to raise those children who would be the next consumers, producers, employers and employees, tax payers and citizens.

Sacrifice Vs Selfishness

It is irrelevant who one happens to be sleeping with, or shacking up with. That has absolutely no economic benefit to the society. It is parents raising children who need employee benefits from businesses and tax benefits from governments. It is nothing more than a financial scam for homosexuals to seek financial benefits for their immoral lifestyle. And this is not only true for homosexual relationships, but for adulterous ones as well. These selfish relationships cannot in any way be compared with the sacrificial demands of parenthood.
What a Man Sows that Shall He Reap
In these, and many other words, the Gospel of Repentance was clearly proclaimed to these parliamentarians. They cannot say that they were not warned of the consequences of violating God’s Commands and natural order in such a blatant way.

Opportunities for Evangelism

Despite some of the hostile objections we received from ANC members of Parliament, we had several good opportunities for literature distribution and evangelistic conversation at Parliament. Some Muslim ladies from the Islamic Unity Council later arranged for me to speak for an hour during one of their radio programmes on Radio 786 - a Muslim radio station.

The Pink Agenda
Five years ago, when we published The Pink Agenda, I wrote in the Introduction: “Freedom of speech and toleration of dissent are a fruit of Christianity. Homosexual activists have used this freedom of speech to promote their pink agenda to the exclusion of any other. The homosexual lobby is jealous for the loyalty and approval of all. No longer satisfied with freedom or tolerance, they now demand approval and conformity. If you think that the homosexual agenda won’t affect you or your family – you’re wrong. As this book, The Pink Agenda, documents, the homosexualists want to transform the very fabric of society. They want to homosexualise the schools and the next generation, and they want government funding (your taxes) to do it.
“Unfortunately, many in the homosexual movement are intolerant of any views opposing their own. Name-calling is a poor alternative to debate and those who dare to disagree with the pink agenda are liable to be labeled as ‘bigots’, ‘homophobes’ and worse. Like economic freedom, intellectual freedom is good, necessary and healthy. We need a free and open debate on the homosexual agenda.”

Repentance and Resistance

Unfortunately, instead of a free and open debate, this homosexual “marriage” bill has been railroaded through Parliament in unseemly haste, running roughshod over the submissions, protests and legitimate concerns of an overwhelming majority of citizens. As a result, the Christian Action Network is calling for a National Day of Mourning and Repentance and renewing its call for a Referendum on a Constitutional Amendment that would protect the Biblical and traditional definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman – for life.

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes… for the wrath of God is being revealed from Heaven against all the ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness… they are without excuse… therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchange the truth of God for the lie, and worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator who is blessed forever… and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting.” Romans 1:16 – 28

What You Can Do
If you want to do something positive to resist the homosexualisation of South Africa: forward this E-mail: Protesting Perversion in Parliament to as many friends and contacts as possible; Obtain a copy of The Pink Agenda book from Africa Christian Action; Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper and favourite magazine expressing your concerns; Write to your elected representative at Parliament; Encourage your pastor to preach on what the Bible teaches on these issues; Request copies of Homosexuality and the Bible leaflets from Africa Christian Action. Be informed. Be interceding. Be involved.
Dr. Peter Hammond


Tuesday, 12 December 2006

The New Ten Commandments

2004 - Vol 1
The New Ten Commandments

As a secular state, South Africa’s national religion is now Humanism.Humanists have not actually abolished the Ten Commandments. They've just replaced God's Law with their own rules:

1. You shall not be intolerant of other religions, beliefs or views -except for Christianity of course.

2. You shall not read the Bible or pray in government schools. (However sex education, even in primary schools, must become mandatory.)

3. You may never take the names of Darwin, Marx, Mao or Mandela in vain. (However cursing and ridiculing the names of Jesus Christ and His followers is an essential aspect of free speech.)

4. Remember to keep holy Human Rights Day, Freedom Day, Workers' Day, Women's Day and Youth Day. (However, do be sure to go shopping on the Lord's Day and plan other activities for Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Day and . . . Xmas!).

5. Honour your Mother Earth and Father State.

6. You shall not defend yourself against assailants and rapists nor may you allow convicted murderers to be executed. (However, you may kill helpless infants through abortion and the incurable and very old people through euthanasia. In fact don't stop with them - once you realise what a burden you have become to Mother Earth you may want to request a physician assisted suicide.)

7. You shall not call it adultery, fornication, homosexuality, pornography or perversion. Don't be so bigoted and judgemental! If it feels good, do it. Don't consider the consequences for yourself or your spouse or children or society in general. Give free expression to every lust and craving and call it an “alternative lifestyle.”

8. Do not steal - because the government hates competition. Pay all the taxes it demands from you - even if you don't receive any services back from the government. If you must steal, take from the hard working middle class bourgeois - just leave enough for the government to get its taxes out of them too.

9. You may not tell the truth or preach the Gospel to your neighbours for that may offend them. You shall not offend your neighbour or suggest that he is wrong (Unless he is a Christian - then he deserves any abuse).

10. You shall not think differently from what the state TV tells you to think, for deviation from the politically correct position is intolerable.


The Criminalisation of South Africa

2004 Volume 1
The Criminalisation of South Africa
By Peter Hammond

Last year 111,528 vehicles were reported stolen in South Africa, of which 45,152 (40%) were recovered. Police investigated 44,222 stock theft cases which resulted in 7,980 court cases.
52,425 rapes were reported. 41% of all the victims were aged 18 years or younger with 14% being 12 years or younger.

In the last 6 years there have been over 5,000 attacks on farmers, resulting in 771 murders of farmers.

In the last 4 years 654 policemen have been murdered.

Last year officially 21,553 people were murdered in South Africa.

These statistics are just some of the facts revealed in the latest report from the Ministry of Safety and Security.


It reminds me of a joke I heard in Zambia. “The South African Ambassador was being introduced to the Zambian Minister of Naval Affairs. The SA Ambassador laughed and said 'You can't have a Minister of Naval Affairs - Zambia is a land locked country!’
'Well', responded the Zambian 'in South Africa you have a Ministry of Justice!'”

Indeed, it seems quite inappropriate that we in South Africa have a Ministry of Safety and Security. Crime and violence would be a more accurate description.

A communication leaflet distributed to tourists by the South African Police Service contained the following: “Safety Hints For The Holiday Season: never display expensive jewellery, cameras, mobile phones or other valuables.”
Which raises the questions: when should jewellery be worn, if not in public? What are tourists meant to do with cameras and other valuables when walking in our streets?

The SAPS Safety Hints contained no less than 32 “basic rules”, “safety hints”, “in the street”, “when travelling”, “at hotels”, etc. Unfortunately, the extremely intrusive, inconvenient and frustrating requirements for safety in SA detailed in this leaflet, hardly seem excessive at all. Theft, assault and murder, even of tourists, have become common place.


Yet those of us who are over 40 can remember that it was not always like this. It does not seem that long ago when steering locks, gear locks, and car alarms were unknown in South Africa. In fact I know people who never even took the keys out of the ignition of their car, even when parked down town. Many homes were never locked. Burglar bars, security gates, home alarms and Armed Response companies were unknown and unnecessary. Many homes had no wall or only a low fence or hedge around the property. Children walked or cycled on their own to school, with no fear for their safety.What has happened to cause South Africa to degenerate to such a low respect for life and property? Why has crime and corruption seeped through all sectors of our society - affecting everyone?


I pondered this question as I went for a run around my neighbourhood. Graffiti vandalised walls, litter and unkempt dying municipal gardens provided a clue. As our rates and taxes have skyrocketed, services from government and the municipality have plummeted. Crime and grime grow along with ineffective and corrupt government.

At a community meeting against crime, a police inspector pointed out that unkempt gardens and homes tend to be invitations to criminals. I then questioned the town councillor whether litter strewn and graffiti vandalised neighbourhoods are not similarly an invitation to the criminal element. He resented the connection, so I followed this up by pointing out that the municipality and government are involved in even more theft than the criminals are. By taking more and more rates and taxes and providing less and less services in return, the government is, in effect, stealing from the taxpayers.Now we not only have to pay the government and municipality our rates and taxes, but because of the failure of government, we also have to employ private security companies to provide the protections which the police used to give. And in several communities there is an extra tax for a Community Improvement District, to do what the municipality used to do - for far less rates.

In fact, as one considers VAT, it appears that the government may, in fact, be obtaining even more than the criminals are from the growth industry of theft. Take for example my motorbike which was stolen the day after the Ministry of Safety and Security reported that crime was decreasing in South Africa. When I purchased the motorbike I had to pay 14% VAT. On the insurance payments, I had to pay 14% VAT. Now that the item has been stolen I will have to pay another 14% VAT on any replacement for the motorbike! This means that the government may make more money out of the average vehicle theft than the criminal does.

It reminds one of the bumper sticker:

Don't steal - the government hates competition!


Why has crime become a major growth industry and employer in South Africa? The failure of our criminal justice system is part of the answer. For every 1,000 crimes reported in South Africa, only 430 criminals are arrested. Of these, only 77 are convicted and barely 8 of these are sentenced to 2 or more years imprisonment. It is also calculated that South African convicts have a 94% recidivism rate (that is, 94% of all persons released after serving a sentence immediately become involved in crime again).


With our laws being so protective of the criminals and so ineffectively enforced, with lax security in jails, ridiculously low bail conditions, over generous remission of sentences, and wholesale amnesties, its no wonder our homes have had to be transformed into locked fortresses.
The early release of well over 100,000 criminals, including murderers and rapists, from South African prisons could not have helped either. Numerous reports have noted the sharp exponential increase of violent crime, particularly murder, in South Africa which coincided with the suspension of the death penalty in 1989 and its abolition in 1996.


Alcohol abuse has also been found to go hand in hand with South Africa's new culture of violence. Most homicide victims have been found to have high concentrations of alcohol in their blood. Most murders have tended to be committed in summer, on Friday and Saturday nights and in and around taverns, bars and shebeens. Most suspects arrested for murder and rape have been found to have used drugs within 48 hours prior to the arrest.


A booklet (“Talk About Children At Risk”) written by the South African Police Services Child Protection Unit, revealed that South Africa was “fast becoming known as the premier sex tourism destination of the world, particularly because children's bodies are plentiful and cheap. It is also common knowledge that this country is a world leader in the spread of HIV/Aids.”


The police report noted that “in 1996 the Films and Publication Act was past legalising pornography for the first time in the history of the country, this made it possible for child abusers, rapists and paedophiles to obtain all the material they needed. Statistics tell the story as South African Police Service records show that child rape increased…over 400%”
The police report further stated that: “research with child sexual offenders reveals that all have used child pornography.” Pornography is the theory, rape is the practise.

The tragic result of the SA government’s legalisation of the exploitative pornography industry is catalogued by the SAPS Child Protection Unit: “the commercial exploitation of children includes…rape, murder, abduction, bribery, false marriages…bonded labour, extortion, mail order brides…1 out of every 12 prostitutes is younger than 17…” This wholesale exploitation of children has flourished because of “corruption and collusion, the absence of or inadequacy of laws, lax law enforcement and limited sensitisation of law enforcement personnel to the harmful impact on children…and government officials who may, often unwittingly, be guilty through indifference, ignorance…”
The National Institute for Crime Prevention (NICRO) has estimated that there are approximately 380,000 rape cases in South Africa every year. Yet, as the rape rate has soared, the conviction rate of rapists has plummeted. Less than 7% of reported rapists are ever convicted!“Why do people commit crime so readily? Because crime is not punished quickly enough” Ecclesiastes 8:11


Other causes of the criminalisation of South Africa which should be considered include the legalisation of gambling and abortion. Legalised gambling has been described as “theft by consent.” It could also be considered as a form of taxation upon those who cannot do maths. It has been calculated that you have more chance of being struck by lightning than of winning the lottery. Every study on gambling has shown that along with a rise of gambling always comes an increase in all kinds of crime and vice, including fraud and theft.


The “Choice on Termination of Pregnancy” Act, in legalising violence against pre-born babies has also gone along with a massive increase in the violence and abuse of children. After all, if violence against pre-born babies can be justified, then why not against older children? Abortion devalues human life, and fosters a mentality which leads to increasing child abuse. Abortion is the ultimate child abuse. Over 350 000 babies have been legally killed through abortion in South Africa in the last seven years.


The dumbing down of our education system through the Outcomes Based Education, Curriculum 2005 programme of the Ministry of Education, must also be looked at. The compulsory sex education, situation ethics, evolutionism, and general anti-Christian bias of the education department has not only eroded ethical foundations and lowered moral standards in South African schools, but academic standards have plummeted as well.

An incredulous Principal showed me one official letter sent by the Minister of Education. In this letter the Minister complained about the habit of too many teachers coming to school late and leaving early to go to shebeens and brothels, often returning drunk or failing to return at all! The Minister of Education also warned against “the prevalent practice” of teachers forcing students to have sex with them! This was “demeaning” and “an abuse of authority” he claimed!
That this child abuse was common place in the government schools was a terrible indictment, but that the Department of Education was not firing and prosecuting these rapists and child abusers was, if anything, even more shocking.
By the time the average child graduates he or she will have spent up to 15 000 hours in school. What value or worldview will he or she have learnt during that time?
Nearly 500 years ago the great German Reformer, Martin Luther warned: “I am much afraid that schools will prove to be wide gates to hell unless they diligently labour in explaining the Holy Scriptures, engraving them on the hearts of youth. I advise no-one to place his child where the Scriptures do not reign paramount. Every institution in which men are not constantly occupied with the Word of God must become corrupt.”


Another cause of the criminalisation of South Africa is the entertainment industry. Superficial, sensational and violent material, often glamorising crime, predominates the modern entertainment industry and it is producing an increasingly superficial, selfish, lawless and immoral society.
The disintegration of many families, absentee parents and a general absence of discipline have created a vacuum. Violent and immoral films and videos, throbbing, pulsating, noise - masquerading as music - and pornographic magazines are filling the void in the aimless and meaningless lives of all too many young people. Many films fall into the “how to” category, giving training on how to be a bank robber, fraudster, car thief, etc. The criminal is often the most attractive character of the film. Rap, drugs, violent video games, and gangs are breeding a whole generation of criminals and gangsters.


The selfishness and short-sightedness of modern society is also seen in litter strewn, graffiti vandalised communities. The filth, pollution and destruction of the environment in which all too many children play and grow up in is also reflected in the self-mutilation and body piercing of a growing number of confused young people. Pierced noses and eyebrows, tongue studs and belly rings along with acid rock and rap should be a wake up call to any parent. But, incredibly all too many parents seem oblivious to the sullen, self-destructive, rebellious attitudes that go along with this kind of body mutilating, mind rotting and soul destroying sub culture.
So, when next we ask the question, what has happened that South Africa could have been overwhelmed by such a tidal wave of crime, let us consider the ethical and moral roots. As South Africa has turned away from God, and embraced Pagan policies, how can we be surprised?


By legalising gambling, prostitution, pornography, and abortion; and by promoting humanistic education in the schools and passive acceptance of violent and immoral entertainment in the media, we have undermined the essential respect for life and property without which society cannot effectively function.

“The Bible is the chief moral cause of all that is good and the best corrective of all that is evil, in human society; the best book for regulating the temporal concerns of men, and the only book that can serve as an infallible guide…the principles of genuine liberty, and of wise laws and administrations are to be drawn from the Bible and sustained by its authority. The man therefore, who weakens or destroys the Divine authority of that Book, may be accessory to all the public disorders which society is doomed to suffer…” Noah Webster

Until South Africa returns to Biblical principles in economics, education, entertainment, in the judiciary and in Parliament, we cannot expect to win the war against crime.
As this is an election year, we should examine the policies and track record of the various parties on crime and punishment issues and on the right to own weapons for self-defence. Make your vote count.

Dr Peter Hammond is the Director of Christian Action Network, and the author of Biblical Principles for Africa, Renaissance or Reformation and Faith Under Fire in Sudan.


Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable

Socialism and Christianity

By Gary Benoit

ITEM: In his new book The August Coup, Mikhail Gorbachev states that socialism " an idea that draws strength from many achievements of Christianity .... "

Correction: Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable. One is based on the atheistic philosophy found in the Communist Manifesto; the other is based on the deity of Jesus Christ.

Anyone who doubts that the Communist Manifesto is also a socialist manifesto need only read Frederick Engels' preface to the 1888 edition, which declares that the Communist Manifesto "is undoubtedly the most widespread, the most international production of all Socialist literature, the common platform acknowledged by millions of working men from Siberia to California."
But why wasn't it called a "Socialist Manifesto" instead? According to Engels, "Socialism was, in 1847, a middle-class movement, Communism a working-class movement .... And as our notion, from the very beginning, was that 'the emancipation of the working class must be the act of the working class itself,' there could be no doubt as to which of the two names we must take."
Socialism means economic control of the people by government. In a socialist country, the state is all-powerful. Such an all-powerful state views itself — and not God — as the ultimate authority. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Communist Manifesto calls for abolishing family, marriage, countries, and religion as well as private property. Under the socialist system the state determines what is right and wrong — without any competing loyalties to God, family, or country.

Karl Marx, the principal author of the Communist Manifesto, once called religion "the opium of the people." Marx viewed man as mere matter that can be shaped, and perfected, by his external environment. How different this is from the Christian view that man has an eternal soul and is responsible for his own actions!

It is impossible for a true Christian to be a socialist or for a true socialist to be a Christian.

Nevertheless, socialists have cleverly twisted the scriptures in order to make their materialistic philosophy appear Christian. As Marx explained in the Communist Manifesto: "Nothing is easier than to give Christian asceticism a Socialist tinge. Has not Christianity declaimed against private property, against marriage, against the State? Has it not preached, in the place of these, charity and poverty, celibacy and mortification of the flesh, monastic life and Mother Church."


Wasting More TaxPayer Money

Phumzile's flight 'irregular'
10/12/2006 14:36 - (SA)

Johannesburg - South Africa's defence ministry is to investigate why its officials spent R4.5m to charter a plane to fly deputy president Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka to Britain for an official visit.
Opposition political parties and newspapers on Sunday condemned the flight as a waste of taxpayers' money.

Defence Minister Mosiuoa Lekota confirmed media reports of the cost of the trip, describing it as "irregular" and "shocking" but absolved Mlambo-Ngcuka - who was at the centre of a similar scandal earlier this year - of all blame.

The defence department was responsible for security and transport arrangements for the president and his deputy, although last week's charter was not authorised by top officials or by the ministry, he said.

"Consequently, I have decided that a board of inquiry, chaired by someone from oustide the department ... should be set up in order to systematically review the situation and present a report so that I can act on the matter," Lekota said in a statement.
Local newspapers said the plane was chartered from Switzerland because all available pilots had been assigned to fly President Thabo Mbeki to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the United States.

Mlambo-Ngcuka, who replaced the sacked Jacob Zuma in 2005, flew to London on Wednesday last week to meet with business leaders to promote South Africa's economic growth initiatives.
A holiday trip to United Arab Emirates in December 2005 caused a political furore after it emerged the visit with friends and family had cost taxpayers almost R700 000.


Over A Million Reasons Why I Will Not Be Voting ANC

There are over a million reasons why I will not be voting for the African National Congress (ANC) in the upcoming elections:

1. Over 350 000 babies have been killed by abortion in South Africa – officially, legally, often with tax payer’s money - since the ANC legalized abortion on demand, 1 February 1997.

2. Over 250 000 people have been murdered in South Africa since 1994 – under the ANC government – yet the ANC has steadfastly refused to consider re-instating the death penalty for murder. Nor have they been willing to put the matter to a referendum.

3. Over 500 000 women and children have been raped in the 10 years of ANC rule – while pornography has been legalized. Less than 8% of reported rapes result in convictions.

4. The ANC is soft on the criminals and hard on the victims of crime. Rather than fight crime effectively the ANC have worked to disarm the potential victims of crime, denying firearm licenses to tens of thousands of law abiding citizens, claiming that self-defense is not a legitimate reason for owning a firearm! Rather than support community initiatives to fight crime the ANC have frustrated communities by demanding that security barriers be removed from crime afflicted suburbs.

5. The ANC’s Ministry of Education has evidenced a consistent hostility to Christianity, insensitivity to the concerns of parents and prejudice against the Bible. Kadar Asmal’s anti-Christian policies and the unworkable curriculum 2005 Outcomes Based Education is dumbing down education and turning our government schools into recruitment centers for radical homosexual groups.

6. The ANC’s affirmative action and blind support for Mugabe’s racist and tyrannical policies have chased away investors and cost the South African economy over 1,5 million jobs. According to the JSE, the net worth of South Africa over the last 10 years has shrunk by over 30%. And the Rand under the ANC has plummeted from R2 to the US dollar to R6 to $1.

7. Rates and taxes are higher and government services are lower. Despite increased rates and taxes the filthy, litter strewn, graffiti vandalized communities testify to the incompetence of government.

8. Corruption has flourished under the ANC to such an extent that the ANC is being referred to in the streets as the Abortion, Nepotism and Corruption party.

9. The endless propaganda and pornographic programmes on the state TV – which is supported by compulsory “licences”.

10. The arrogance of so many in the ANC and the arbitrary manner in which they ride roughshod over the concerns and freedoms of others – such as the Minister of Health refusing to meet over a thousand concerned doctors; and how their ICASA is attempting to close down 8 Christian and community radio stations in South Africa right now.


Mbeki Mantra -Them Racists

It seems as soon as there is a article or comments made against the ruling party or the government you must be labeled a racist for eg.

Mbeki labels World Cup decision racist source
Gautrain accusations racist, says Mbeki source
Racial stereotypes behind arms case - Mbeki source
Cosatu slams Mbeki over racism source

A History Lesson


While religious and civil liberty have no organic connection, they nevertheless have a very strong affinity for each other; and where one is lacking the other will not long endure. History is eloquent in declaring that on a people's religion ever depends their freedom or their bondage. It is a matter of supreme importance what doctrines they believe, what principles they adopt: for these must serve as the basis upon which the superstructure of their lives and their government rests. Calvinism was revolutionary. It taught the natural equality of men, and its essential tendency was to destroy all distinctions of rank and all claims to superiority which rested upon wealth or vested privilege. The liberty-loving soul of the Calvinist has made him a crusader against those artificial distinctions which raise some men above others.

Politically, Calvinism has been the chief source of modern republican government. Calvinism and republicanism are related to each other as cause and effect; and where a people are possessed of the former, the latter will soon be developed. Calvin himself held that the Church, under God, was a spiritual republic; and certainly he was a republican in theory. James I was well aware of the effects of Calvinism when he said: "Presbytery agreeth as well with the monarchy as God with the Devil." Bancroft speaks of "the political character of Calvinism, which with one consent and with instinctive judgment the monarchs of that day feared as republicanism." Another American historian, John Fiske, has written, "It would be hard to overrate the debt which mankind owes to Calvin. The spiritual father of Coligny, of William the Silent, and of Cromwell, must occupy a foremost rank among the champions of modern democracy .... The promulgation of this theology was one of the longest steps that mankind has ever taken toward personal freedom." Emilio Castelar, the leader of the Spanish Liberals, says that "Anglo-Saxon democracy is the product of a severe theology, learned in the cities of Holland and Switzerland." Buckle, in his History of Civilization says, "Calvinism is essentially democratic," (I, 669). And de Tocqueville, an able political writer, calls it "A democratic and republican religion.” The system not only imbued its converts with the spirit of liberty, but it gave them practical training in the rights and duties as freemen. Each congregation was left to elect its own officers and to conduct its own affairs. Fiske pronounces it, "one of the most effective schools that has ever existed for training men in local serf-government." Spiritual freedom is the source and strength of all other freedom, and it need cause no surprise when we are told that the principles which governed them in ecclesiastical affairs gave shape to their political views. Instinctively they preferred a representative government and stubbornly resisted all unjust rulers. After religious despotism is overthrown, civil despotism cannot long continue.

We may say that the spiritual republic which was founded by Calvin rests upon four basic principles. These have been summed up by an eminent English statesman and jurist, Sir James Stephen, as follows: "These principles were, firstly that the will of the people was the one legitimate source of the power of the rulers; secondly, that the power was most properly delegated by the people, to their rulers, by means of elections, in which every adult man might exercise the right of suffrage; thirdly, that in ecclesiastical government, the clergy and laity were entitled to an equal and co-ordinate authority; and fourthly that between the Church and State, no alliance, or mutual dependence, or other definite relation, necessarily or properly existed."

The principle of the sovereignty of God when applied to the affairs of government proved to be very important. God as the supreme Ruler, was vested with sovereignty; and whatever sovereignty was found in man had been graciously granted to him. The scriptures were taken as the final authority, as containing eternal principles which were regulative for all ages and on all peoples. In the following words the Scriptures declared the State to be a divinely established institution: "Let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers: for there is no power but of God; and the powers that be are ordained of God. Therefore he that resisteth the power, withstandeth the ordinance of God; and they that withstand shall receive to themselves judgment. For rulers are not a terror to the good work, but to the evil. And wouldst thou have no fear of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise for the same: for he is a minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is a minister of God, an avenger for wrath to him that doeth evil. Wherefore ye must needs be in subjection, not only because of the wrath, but also for conscience sake. For this cause ye pay tribute also; for they are ministers of God's service, attending continually upon this very thing. Render to all their dues; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor," Romans 13:1-7.

No one type of government, however, whether democracy, republic, or monarchy, was thought to be divinely ordained for any certain age or people, although Calvinism showed a preference for the republican type. "Whatever the system of government," says Meeter, "be it monarchy or democracy or any other form, in each case the ruler (or rulers) was to act as God's representative, and to administer the affairs of government in accordance with God's law. The fundamental principle supplied at the same time the very highest incentive for the preservation of law and order among its citizens. Subjects were for God's sake to render obedience to the higher powers, whichever these might be. Hence Calvinism made for highly stabilized governments.

"On the other hand this very principle of the sovereignty of God operated as a mighty defense of the liberties of the subject citizens against tyrannical rulers. Whenever sovereigns ignored the Will of God, trampled upon the rights of the governed and became tyrannical, it became the privilege and the duty of the subjects, in view of the higher responsibility of the supreme Sovereign, God, to refuse obedience and even, if necessary, to depose the tyrant, through the lesser authorities appointed by God for the defense of the rights of the governed."

The Calvinistic ideas concerning governments and rulers have been ably expressed by J. C. Monsma in the following lucid paragraph: "Governments are instituted by God through the instrumentality of the people. No kaiser or president has any power inherent in himself; whatever power he possesses, whatever sovereignty he exercises, is power and sovereignty derived from the great Source above. No might, but right, and right springing from the eternal Fountain of justice. For the Calvinist it is extremely easy to respect the laws and ordinances of the government. If the government were nothing but a group of men, bound to carry out the wishes of a popular majority, his freedom-loving soul would rebel. But now, to his mind, and according to his fixed belief,—back of the government stands God, and before Him he kneels in deepest reverence. Here also lies the fundamental reason for that profound and almost fanatical love of freedom, also the political freedom, which has always been a characteristic of the genuine Calvinist. The government is God's servant. That means that AS MEN all government officials stand on an equal footing with their subordinates; have no claim to superiority in any sense whatever For exactly the same reason the Calvinist gives preference to a republican form of government over any other type. In no other form of government does the sovereignty of God, the derivative character of government powers and the equality of men as men, find a clearer and more eloquent expression."

The theology of the Calvinist exalted one Sovereign and humbled all other sovereigns before His awful majesty. The divine right of kings and the infallible decrees of popes could not long endure amid a people who place sovereignty in God alone. But while this theology infinitely exalted God as the Almighty Ruler of heaven and earth and humbled all men before Him, it enhanced the dignity of the individual and taught him that all men as men were equal. The Calvinist feared God; and fearing God he feared nobody else. Knowing himself to have been chosen in the counsels of eternity and marked for the glories of heaven, he possessed something which dissipated the feeling of personal homage for men and which dulled the lustre of all earthly grandeur. If a proud aristocracy traced its lineage through generations of highborn ancestry, the Calvinists, with a loftier pride, invaded the invisible world, and from the book of life brought down the record of the noblest enfranchisement, decreed from eternity by the King of kings. By a higher than any earthly lineage they were heaven's noblemen because God's sons and priests, joint heirs with Christ, kings and priests unto God, by a divine anointing and consecration. Put the truth of the sovereignty of God into a man's mind and heart, and you put iron in his blood. The Reformed Faith has rendered a most valuable service in teaching the individual his rights.

In striking contrast with these democratic and republican tendencies which are found to be inherent in the Reformed Faith we find that Arminianism has a very pronounced aristocratic tendency. In the Presbyterian and Reformed Churches the elder votes in Presbytery or Synod or General Assembly on full equality with his pastor; but in Arminian churches the power is largely in the hands of the clergy, and the laymen have very little real authority. Episcopacy stresses rule by the hierarchy. Arminianism and Roman Catholicism (which is practically Arminian) thrive under a monarchy, but there Calvinism finds its life cramped. On the other hand Romanism especially does not thrive in a republic, but there Calvinism finds itself most at home. An aristocratic form of church government tends toward monarchy in civil affairs, while a republican form of church government tends toward democracy in civil affairs. Says McFetridge, "Arminianism is unfavorable to civil liberty, and Calvinism is unfavorable to despotism. The despotic rulers of former days were not slow to observe the correctness of these propositions, and, claiming the divine right of kings, feared Calvinism as republicanism itself."

Excerpt from The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination by Loraine Boettner