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Die, the beloved country

by Anthony Lobaido
Posted: August 8, 2001

Imagine if white farms in Iowa were being attacked by machinegun-toting black gangs on a daily basis. The men are shot, and females as young as 4 years old raped and mutilated. Imagine if the government in Washington, D.C., was led by black communists. Imagine if members of the local police force in Iowa were also black, hostile to whites, illiterate and only had their positions because of affirmative action.

Well, welcome to the reality of the "New South Africa." Despite the Madison Avenue spin doctoring on the great Nelson Mandela and his ruling ANC, South Africa has decayed into a hell of rape, AIDS, murder and anarchy over the past seven years. Mandela's rainbow nation has failed. It has done worst than fail – it has turned into a genocide against white South Africans. Why should we be surprised? History shows that all Marxist states will eventually decay into genocide – look at Pol Pot's Cambodia, Stalin's Russia and Mao's China.

Killing whites has become the sport of choice in Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and, looking at the most recent riots, in the good old USA. Can you imagine the media outcry if whites were killing blacks? Imagine if someone were killing a spotted owl?

Many whites have fled South Africa during the last six years of ANC rule – almost one third, according to some statistics. Nelson Mandela has pleaded with whites to stay in the country, and even begged for those who left to live in Canada, Israel and New Zealand to return to help rebuild the nation.

More recently, current South African President Thabo Mbeki (who admits he grew up memorizing the works of Karl Marx) has announced that South Africa has formed an alliance with communist China. For decades, South Africa had helped Taiwan, but last year, Mandela switched official recognition from Taiwan to China.

Mbeki has applauded the seizures of white-owned farms in neighboring Zimbabwe, even as ANC black revolutionary cadres step up their terror campaign against white farmers in South Africa. His communist flank secure, Mbeki recently announced in a speech to parliament that he is effectively handing over control of South Africa's economy to international financier George Soros and a group of 12 Western transnational corporations.

What does this mean to white South Africans, especially the Afrikaners or "Boer" farmers who feed the nation? Well, one must remember that the Afrikaners are tough, like the Israelis and South Koreans. All of the men served in the army at one point. The Afrikaners drove the Russians and Cubans out of Angola in the 1980s Border War. They are experts at using dynamite and guerilla warfare. According to Peter Hunam's book, "Mandela's Nuclear Nightmare," they even have a few atomic bombs hidden in Zululand.

Things have really come full circle in South Africa. Only a decade ago the Afrikaners were being called "Nazis" by the liberal establishment media for the excesses of Apartheid. Yes, the evil deeds of South African racists like Dr. Wauter Basson and "Prime Evil" Eugene deKock are beyond any justification or excuse. Yet the present genocide against the Afrikaners waged by black ANC Marxist cadres is equally as evil, and perhaps worse since it also includes the rape and murder of little children. Who are these "men" who commit such heinous crimes? We know they are the lowest form of oxygen-stealing parasites; in their hearts a demonic darkness must surely lurk.

The Afrikaners, traditionally Christians and pro-Western allies, tried to tell the world about the hell South Africa would become if the ANC were put in power. But little did they know that the mineral wealth of South Africa was all that mattered to the power brokers in America and the UK. The Afrikaners have been betrayed like all other allies of the U.S. and UK since World War II – the Kurds, Karen of Burma, Hmong of Laos, Montagnards of Vietnam, UNITA in Angola, Southern Sudan, Kampas of Tibet and the hearty Rhodesians.

Today, the Afrikaners have come full circle. They first came to South Africa in the mid 1600s. They built the Cape Colony for the Dutch East India Company. Then the British sailed into port and took over.

The Afrikaners left on their "Great Trek" up into Zululand during the era just after Jacksonian America. They fought and won the "Battle of Blood River" on the "Day of the Vow," when they asked God to grant them victory against the Zulus. The Afrikaners were victorious, but did not conquer the Zulus. Instead they kept only part of South Africa – the Transvaal and Orange Free State. They allowed the Zulus to keep their own king and religion (based on "Unkulunkulu," a being not unlike the God of the Bible) and land.

The British coveted the gold and diamonds of the Transvaal and launched not one but two Boer Wars. Between 1899-1902 the British killed over 26,000 Afrikaner women and children in the world's first concentration camps.

Still yet, the Afrikaners fought along with the British in both World Wars, and helped the South Koreans in the Korean War. By the 1960s South Africa was the richest nation in the world, and by 1973 the rand was worth more than 25 percent more than the U.S. dollar. South Korea repaid South Africa for that debt by voting at the U.N. for anti-South Africa sanctions in the 1970s and 1980s. America and the U.K. pushed the Afrikaners into handing over their nation and the mineral treasure it holds to fuel the West's military industrial complex over to the communist ANC.

The ANC has responded with genocide against the Afrikaners and a new alliance with Red China. China is busy building a submarine base in South Africa and has for all intents and purposes already made an agreement with Russia and Shiite Muslims about how to best carve up Africa.
Now, with the world totally stacked against their interests, the Afrikaners have once again circled the wagons into their infamous laagar. They have no government, they are once again cut off from world and the faith of their forefathers at Blood River is their only hope of survival. Since Apartheid ended in 1994, more than 1,119 farmers have already been murdered in more than 6,000 heavily armed attacks, making this ethnic Afrikaner-Boer minority group the highest at-risk-of-murder group in the entire world.

The killing of South African white farmers by ANC-trained cadres – long denied by the government – has accelerated to the point that the Afrikaner-Boers are ready to take drastic measures. According to Rapport, a South African publication, a security company run by former Angolan prisoner of war and Afrikaner-Boer hero Col. Wynand du Toit has already started using armed former military parachutists to protect besieged farmers from armed attackers in the area around Joburg.

If Mr. Du Toit can continue his successful debut with the new security company, there may well be hope for the South African farmers. The genocide against whites will stop, and the famine that will surely come to South Africa can be avoided. It will be interesting to see if and how the liberal media and the West will paint du Toit as he fights against the ANC cadres who enjoy raping and mutilating 4-year-old farm girls. Such a media campaign has already begun inside Marxist South Africa and its state-controlled media. The ANC are turning into complete fascists in a way the Apartheid crowd never could have imagined.

Yes, there is evil everywhere on Earth – the Balkans, Rwanda, Lebanon and Burma. Man against man. Tribe against tribe. They kill each other, because they have not learned to share and because they have left God out of their hearts.

Is there hope? Yes, of course. Such hope would be given a major jolt if the U.S. Congress, President Bush and Colin Powell can turn their attention from kissing the feet of the blood-stained dictators in Communist China long enough to examine the South African farm killings. We certainly can't wait for the arrogant rock stars who protested Apartheid to admit they were wrong to endorse the blood stained ANC's takeover of the nation.

Du Toit and his friends will be fighting the escalating crime wave engulfing the Afrikaner farming community and South Africa as a whole. Du Toit's company is already operating, extremely successfully, with requests for protection streaming in. The emphasis, at this stage, needs to be on "fighting crime." Nothing wrong with that, all within the law and, especially, nothing "racist." No visible threat of a possible "third force," or the like, rearing its head. Du Toit's outfit can only grow and succeed, if everyone thinks that he will protect anyone who is subjected to this terrible crime wave. It's a valiant effort by du Toit, especially to Boer farmers stranded from help in remote areas.

Last night, I fell asleep while reading a religious magazine with a cover graphic of all the world's citizens. Black, white, brown, yellow and red were pictured working and living side by side in a future paradise orchestrated by God in His millennial kingdom.

I have not given up hope of that future vision becoming a reality, either for South Africa or the world.

However, that vision will have to be guarded by men like du Toit, the former special forces colonel who seeks to fight crimes like the farm murders, committed by heavily armed insurgents. Mr. Du Toit will be doing this so that innocent children may sleep peacefully while rugged, good and Christian men patrol the night as a terror to the wicked.

We've had enough of "Economic Man" in the Western world. Perhaps the Afrikaners will bring back "Hero Man" into fashion.

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SA: Agricultural Meltdown - ANC Strategy EXACTLY as I predicted...

[Here is a mystery in 2007, and yet in 2001, in my book, Government by Deception, I explained all this in detail. People thought I had lost my mind, but as time passes you can see that my analysis was 100% correct.

We recently posted an article on AfricanCrisis about the Agricultural Meltdown happening in SA now. We now import 1 million tons of wheat annually.

This was the source URL:

Click here for Agricultural meltdown

If you read the above article you will see something which often happens. Why is the ANC ploughing forward with "tribal, small-scale farming" even when it is a hopeless failure? Why is it not listening to intellectuals from Harvard? Or listening to what the agricultural experts of this country have to say?

Is the ANC completely stupid?

Many people opt for the "ANC is stupid" theme.

But I do not. I explained that the ANC sees whites as the enemy. Its not just us who see the ANC as the enemy. The ANC saw us as the enemy right back before they came to power. To keep the CIA and their Western sponsors happy, the ANC pretends that it cares for everyone in its population - including the whites - but in reality it sees whites as the enemy and wants to break our economic power and drive us out.

The ANC does not see small scale black farming and the removal of white farmers who are replaced by blacks as a failure.

Take note that quietly, they are following 100% in the footsteps of Robert Mugabe! He saw the same thing... but that never caused him to return farms en masse. Neither will the ANC. Do NOT ever expect to see a reversal of their policy.

What this is about is about taking power out of the white man's hands. The ANC wants to reduce its dependency on white (mainly Afrikaner) farmers. It wants to work them out of the system.
Suppose 1 white farmer produced 100 tons of maize, but he is replaced by 1 black farmer who produces 1 ton of maize. You'd say, that we've lost a production of 99 tons. I say, the ANC does not see it that way. The ANC says: We went from 0 tons, to 1 ton of production BY BLACKS! To the ANC that is success. THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE DEPENDENT UPON WHITES.

The ANC sees the economy and agriculture in whites hands as a liability - a threat - a weapon in the hand of THE ENEMY. To the ANC, what is crucial is moving things into black hands - even if the economy as a whole suffers. The crucial thing is, that this power NOT be left in the hands of whites (especially Afrikaners!).

The ANC is of course deceptive. It does not tell anyone this. It would not dare explain its real logic with respect to Agriculture, any less than it explains its real logic with respect to Crime or AIDS. In each case, the ANC has a real reason for doing what it wants to do, but it would cause a furore, international shock and a white uprising at home if it dared explain its real logic.
So instead, the ANC keeps its mouth shut, pretends to be stupid when in fact, its deceptive and as cunning as a fox.

Today Mbeki said whites who complain about crime are RACIST! Ditto. Same thing. The ANC will never stop crime. Mbeki plays wordgames around crime - because crime is working the way the ANC intended and Mbeki firmly wants crime to continue. Mbeki is not solving the crime problem. Previously he ducked and dived and said, "What are YOU doing about crime?" Now he says, "Complaining about crime proves that YOU are a racist!" But they key issue is that... Mbeki is doing zilch, and will do zilch to sort out crime. He will PRETEND to want to sort it out, but he won't!

In Government by Deception I explained why the ANC and Mugabe do not concern themselves with the collapse of industries. The main thing for them is moving power into black hands - even if much of an industry collapses. The key is, getting rid of the "unreliable/enemy whites" and replacing them with blacks - even if the end result is a 99% reduction in output.

Collapsing the portion of an industry which is controlled by whites also means impoverishing those whites. This is important. Rich whites can fund political parties, military uprisings, etc. So, its better to impoverish whites instead because then they are powerless and their threat value is now ZERO. The ANC is happier that the 100 ton farmer is no longer making millions and that they have 1 ton coming from a black farmer. To them its a win-win situation.

The ANC will soldier on... because this is a war against the Farmer, the Boer Farmer in particular.

Already, in a number of ways, food inflation and other inflation is starting to hit us. The ANC's policies are starting to take effect. It will skew the industries, and cause all sorts of problems.

In many ways, Mbeki is a bigger racist scumbag than Zuma. Zuma is open and tells us he wants to screw us over. Mbeki wears a suit and tie and smiles and laughs and fakes civility... but in reality, he's screwing us whites, solidly every day of his life. And he does so, with the blessing of Washington and London who think he's doing a marvellous job. The CIA and MI6 think he's a great guy. But he's actually a duplicit quiet murderous bastard. He screws Zimbabweans over daily, he screws Afrikaners and whites over daily - all while laughing and smiling and pretending to be civilised. He's actually a bastard. Revenge is a dish best served cold - and Mbeki is a master at serving that dish. Jan]

S Africa: Agricultural melt down

‘SA headed for permanent food shortages due to ANC-policies"

March 11 2007 - Rapport newspaper today cites five top agricultural economists, all warning that the country's agricultural sector is on the point of collapsing due to the ANC's marxist "black-peasant-only" land-rights policies.

The country's food-producing sector is now stagnating so seriously under ANC-rule that hundreds of rural towns have practically depopulated, with the rural economies on the verge of permanent collapse.

South Africa now already needs to routinely import an annual 1-million tons of wheat or more -- just to feed its own population. Only ten years ago, the country was one of the world's most reliable major exporters of food grains and other important agricultural products such as meat and poultry.

Economists warn that the ANC "does not see our agricultural production as a priority" -- pointing out that in spite of the current nationwide, devastating drought, --the worst in a decade -- the regime still slashed its agricultural budget to R2,28-billion and is refusing any disaster aid to the dwindling number of commercial farmers who still manage to produce food.
In 1992, there were more than 57,000 commercial farms, now there's far less than 40,000 remaining -- and another 20,000 "white" commercial farmers also face forced removal by 2014 from their productive farms under the ANC's marxist "black-peasant-farmer-only" policies.
Commercial farmers who know they are facing forced removal from their land to make way for black peasant farmers, are also not reinvesting any more capital into the rural economy -- and for the first time in its recorded 350-year history, South Africa is no longer raising enough food each year to feed its own population.

Before 1994, South Africa's commercial farm-owners were for the most part, professional, well-organised and top-educated businessmen who poured all their earnings back into the agricultural economy -- and who also employed and housed 1-m farm workers -- some 200,000 more than are employed in the SA agricultural sector today.

"Small-scale peasant farming is an economic failure...'

Dr. Mohammad Karaan, chairman of the National Agricultural Marketing Council, also warns that the ANC-regime's marxist-style "small-scale" farming model is proving to be an economic disaster -- and that it must be urgently scrapped. "Small-scale farming cannot succeed in the world economy, farmers actually need more land to be able to compete successfully -- which is one of the reasons why the (ANC-) land-reform policies are failing," he warned.

Yet the ANC-regime keeps plowing on with its disastrous policy -- regardless of all these warnings from top experts.

The regime just announced that it is going to hand over yet another 30% of all of the country's agricultural land to small-scale black farmers by 2014 . This represents 26-million hectares of currently-productive farmland where 12,000 commercial , highly-productive "white" farmers are facing forced removal. This important farmland will be 'transformed' into unproductive subsistence smallholdings for (agriculturally-inexperienced) black families, warns Dr. Chris Jordaan, Transvaal Agricultural Union's landrights manager. Economists warn that this disastrous policy is already causing a massive drop in local food production.

Prof Johan Willemse of the University of the Free State says South Africa a decade ago was self-sufficient -- exporting massive quantities and a large variety agricultural products and had enough affordable food for all the 46-million population. Now the country has to important at least one million tons of wheat annually as a matter of routine because its less than 40,000 commercial farmers simply can no longer produce enough. By 2015, this production will have been halved when 20,000 more commercial farmers are forcibly removed..."Our previous independence in local food production is now facing serious a most threat,and our agricultural economy is stagnating because the commercial farmers have no economic incentive to reinvest as they always did previously."

Rural ghost towns:

Agricultural economist Prof. Johann Kirsten of the University of Pretoria warns that "if the government wants to stop agricultural villages from turning into ghost towns, it will have to intervene."

Emotional land-rights issue:

Agricultural leaders warn that the ANC-regime is using the emotional "land-rights" issue to drive their political engine with -- instead of accepting the advice from a Harvard-group of international experts report to parliament last month that the country's agriculture, mining and manufacturing industries had to be nurtured as the main engines which were driving the SA economy.

Prof. Nick Vink, University of Stellenbosch agricultural economist warned that agriculture won't be able to grow without new investments -- yet the agricultural sector in South Africa was stagnating."Ten years ago, South Africa exported R2,40's worth of homegrown agricultural products for every R1 of imported goods. We now are past the R1,40 mark -- and if this continues at the present pace, our agricultural economy will soon reverse itself (permanently).",,752-795_2081597,00html

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Job equity fight goes global

By Angela Qunital and Sapa

The Democratic Alliance has asked the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to make Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana publicly withdraw a remark that affirmative action would never be stopped in South Africa, but intensified.

Mdladlana is currently chairperson of the ILO.

"His weekend remarks that affirmative action will never be scrapped is racist and destructive to our economy. It is also in conflict with the rules of the International Labour Organisation," DA labour spokesperson Mark Lowe said on Monday.

ILO convention 111 approved affirmative action only as a temporary corrective measure, and ruled out broader employment practices that discriminated on the basis of race, he said.
Speaking in Pretoria on Saturday, Mdladlana said: "Affirmative action and current employment equity legislation will never be repealed, but intensified instead".

Lowe said Mdladlana's statement was clearly in contravention of the ILO convention. "I will send a letter to ILO director-general Juan Somavia requesting that he be asked to publicly withdraw his callous remark and provide an assurance to the ILO that South Africa will comply with all its conventions, failing which Minister Mdladlana should be sanctioned," he said.

Cosatu on Monday threw its weight behind Mdladlana's view on affirmative action.

Cosatu said it agreed with Mdladlana. "The Employment Equity Act has not been effectively enforced. As a result employment still reveals the predominance of white and males in senior positions.

"Our members regularly report examples of racism in the workplace, with white workers getting better wages and faster promotion," said Cosatu spokesperson Patrick Craven.

The minister was correct to demand that "liberation should be accompanied by programmes to totally eradicate the apartheid legacy", he said.

Cosatu would do everything possible to assist the government to achieve this. It condemned the DA's decision to report the minister to the International Labour Organisation . "We call upon the ILO to reject this."

FF Plus MP Willie Spies said Mdladlana had reaffirmed his reputation "as one of the ANC's most hardened racists, but also displayed his disregard for international labour law principles".

Spies said international labour literature was clear that affirmative action is a form of discrimination which can only apply temporarily. "Policies similar to Mdladlana's had destroyed Mugabe's former reputation as liberation hero," he said.

This article was originally published on page 2 of Pretoria News on March 06, 2007

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Whose President is a bigger failure? Bush or Mbeki?

[I say Mbeki wins... but... it is open to some dispute. The difference is George Bush started a war and knew there would be killing. Mbeki denies there's a war and claims to be in total control of it! Jan]

It’s no wonder we are longing for a De la Rey

04 March 2007
Dan Roodt

IN LAST week’s Sunday Times, Mondli Makhanya expressed the wish to come to a better understanding of why Afrikaners are so deeply unhappy about the recent course of events in South Africa.

I believe I am well placed to provide a few enlightening answers, if only because I have spoken to farmers, students, authors, academics, singers, housewives, dominees, businessmen, politicians, motor mechanics, accountants, lawyers, teachers and representatives of just about every occupation among the 2.5 million Afrikaners who inhabit South Africa, and the half a million or so who have already left.

Let’s start right there. Why are 20% or more of our people living abroad — in exile, so to speak? Some may have pursued economic opportunities, but most have left because of one issue: violent crime. On every flight from Sydney to Johannesburg you can see a plane full of red-eyed people, mostly Afrikaners, sniffling into their paper handkerchiefs as they try to get over the tearful farewells to relatives living thousands of kilometres away in the Pacific. There are now more of us in Australia than Aborigines.

Afrikaners dearly love South Africa: the land of braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and your brand of car, except that you get a gun pointed at your head in that same car every so often. At one time our people formed the backbone of a multiracial police force. Years ago we patrolled the borders on horseback to stop stock theft and painstakingly typed statements in both official languages on typewriters. Crime was something we mostly read about in detective novels.

We have therefore watched in amazement at how transformation cut a swathe through what was once a professional police force, how it became inefficient, corrupt and almost useless in protecting us from the marauding gangsters who now rule our once peaceful streets.
In December a private security company issued a directive to all its clients, advising them to lock their gates, switch on their alarms and not venture out after eight o’clock at night.

On December 20 2006 a beautiful little girl of five named Danielle Esterhuizen was executed in cold blood on her mother’s lap next to a dam in Randfontein, where she had been visiting her father for half an hour while he was fishing with a friend. When Steve Hofmeyr, Joost van der Westhuizen and I had coffee with him a few weeks ago, he broke down and muttered, “I will never be able to touch a fishing rod again. Why did I allow her to come visit me when I knew of the danger?”

During the political negotiations of the early ’ 90s, we were lulled into a sense of wonder. The international media were enthusing about the South African “miracle” and we trusted our leaders. De Klerk regularly spoke about “checks and balances”, that our language and culture, our schools, universities, museums and monuments would enjoy constitutional protection.
Over the past few weeks especially, we have been horrified by the cavalier way in which a minister of Education with a colonial British accent could order one of the most famous Afrikaans high schools in the country, Ermelo, to change its medium of instruction. After winning the first round of a court battle, our hopes were dashed when the judge overturned an earlier decision in a judgment that lasted two minutes, according to those who were there.

Are our Xhosa rulers acting out some inner fantasy of self-made ruin, a second coming of Nongqawuse?

Who knows? In this system, nothing will surprise us anymore. We have become used to a myriad racial laws that restrict our ability to trade, our access to education and capital, even our ability to get bank credit that must rank in the annals of anti-minority legislation up there with anti-Jewish measures during 1930s Germany.

Name changes are calculated to irritate us. But worst of all is the knowledge that we have finally been conquered by our traditional enemies, the Xhosa. In the 1820s they made life so difficult for us on the Eastern frontier that we had to cross the Drakensberg by ox-wagon. Now, occupying offices in Pretoria, they are driving us off the land and onto planes to Australia, Canada and Britain.

Nothing will surprise us any more. Whether the future will be a Zimbabwe, a Uganda or even a Rwanda, we know it will be violent and nasty. No wonder we are longing for a Moses, or a De la Rey, to lead us to the Promised Land.

Monday, 05 March 2007


by Jani Allan
Thursday, August 19, 2004 The plot and story line are pure Dostoyevski. The police, on trumped up charges of treason, round up twenty-two men. They are kept in inhumane conditions in maximum-security jails and refused bail. Witnesses are tortured into "confessing." With 260 witnesses called, it will take the State more than 22 years to present its case. Another 22 years will pass while the cross-examination turgidly proceeds.

When one hears of anyone spending 22 years in jail (what happened to the 'presumed innocent until proved guilty?) one assumes the hapless person/persons live in a gulag.

No so. This bizarre situation is currently happening in South Africa, the country that boasts the most democratic, user-friendly and Politically Correct human rights constitution in the world.
Combating crime is very low on the African National Congresses list of priorities.
The mere mention of South Africa's appalling crime levels (more than 48,000 murders a year for a country that has a population of only 40 million), irritates the ANC. Anyone who dares to bring up the subject is instantly called a 'racist.'

For this reason, some have suggested that it was with uncharacteristic alacrity and enthusiasm that 22 Afrikaners were arrested and jailed, after a series of small bomb blasts across South Africa. Unlike 911, this terrorism did not require any serious investigation into its root causes or possible culpability. It required only condemnation, because the bombs were widely advertised as being the work of 'white right-wingers.'

In the State versus Michael Teshert du Toit and twenty two others, case number CC91/2003, Supreme Court of South Africa that is currently being heard in Pretoria, the men are on charges and allegations that as members of an alleged organization called "the Boeremag" they were conspiring to overthrow the government in South Africa, to commit sabotage and to possess illegal weapons, ammunition and explosives. Irony is never far from the surface in South Africa.
Nelson Mandela and his fellow communist Rivonia Trialists were on similar charges. However, Mandela and his Communist co-conspirators, were given a swift and fair trial. Mandela was found guilty of planning to blow up most of Pretoria. He had enough plastic explosives to do it when he was caught at Lilies Leaf Farm in Rivonia. Few people are aware that Amnesty International never recognized Mandela as a political prisoner. He was a terrorist.

In a Communist guidebook used by the ANC in the 1980's, there are instructions on how comrades (communists) should behave if arrested.

"Everything," it stresses, "must be done to help the arrested comrade by providing legal representation, publicity, food and reading material if possible, solidarity with the family protests should be organized."

I am unaware of people rallying to show solidarity with the families of the Boeremag 22. Neither am I aware that protests or publicity have been generated.

Last week, Dr Paul Kruger submitted documentation outlining the torture and inhumane treatment of the detainees, to Amnesty International in Amsterdam.

Formidable South African-Dutch journalist Ms Adriana Stuijt accompanied Dr Kruger to Amnesty International where comprehensive talks were held. Ms Stuijt, who has impeccable liberal credentials and a website to prove her pedigree as an anti-apartheid activist, is determined to bring the world's attention to the Boeremag 22.

Says Ms Stuijt 'They were set up by a paid ANC agent and an Afrikaner sell-out who even created the name for the organization. Their people were politically naive. It's a travesty of justice."

In a country where satire frequently overtakes reality, the claims about agent provocateurs - government spies and infiltrators - are often close to the truth.

During a political meeting at the Espada Ranch on November 15, a top ANC official, one Mo Shaik suggested "One easy way to identify Afrikaner right wingers and eliminate them is to start new rightwing organizations which will be under the control of the security forces and where they will be lured. These organizations can then be controlled by the ANC-government's secret agents, managed and their members eliminated.'

Whether the Boeremag 22 were indeed set-up is a moot point.

Less moot are two issues that need to be addressed.

The first is that there is indeed a pattern of ethnic cleansing against the boers/Afrikaners/whites emerging in Southern Africa.

An Afrikaner academic noted that "the farm murders, the show trials and bogus charges, the Afrikaner business people who are increasingly being gunned down in the towns, the blonde haired blue-eyed Afrikaners children who are being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery by tribal gangs - all are indicative that Thabo Mbeki has a hatred for the Afrikaners that borders on the pathological hatred Hitler had for the Jews."

"Under the UN Genocide Convention, any government actions taken to deliberately destroy the cultural identity of any ethnic minority are culpable of a form of genocide. Given this, Mr Mbeki's regime is culpable of genocide," says Ms Stuijt.

The second issue is the mockery the ANC makes of the Constitution and the frighteningly brutal punishment that those they perceive as enemies must expect to be meted out to them.
Amnesty International recently wrote a report on the inhumane conditions that currently exist in South African prisons. A delegation from Amnesty found that there were some 214 "mysterious' deaths in police custody during 2003. At least 317 people died at the hands of police. In some incidents the police deliberately killed people instead of arresting them.
They cited the case in Pollsmoor Prison in the Cape where youths younger than 14 were arrested and thrown in prison with hardened criminals. Wardens were paid so that these children could be raped. According to the Jali Commission of Enquiry into Corruptions in prison, the going rate for providing a rape victim is $5.

There are some 25,000 trial-awaiting prisoners in South Africa. All are kept with convicted murderers and rapists.

Pretoria Central (C Max) Prison, designed to house no more than 1900 detainees, has more than 5,500 inmates. Inmates are kept in atrocious conditions. Earlier this year Judge Essop Patel requested that the Pretoria Bar Council appoint advocates investigating the fact that inmates were being incarcerated under conditions that violated their human rights.
Water is scarce, pipes are broken and electrical wires hang loose from the rafters. The prison's foundation is suffused with sewage water and the prisoners are detained in their cockroach and rat-infested cells for 22 out of 24 hours. Detainees are subjected twenty-four seven to blaring rap music.

At night, the temperatures plummet to below zero in the wintertime, but there are no windows to close. Windowpanes have long since been broken.

According to a report recently handed to the city's high court by two advocates, Pretoria Central is "a time bomb" waiting to explode.

The Jali Commision, which was set up in April this year to investigate claims of corruption in prisons, found the culture of abuse to be rampant.

Unlike Mandela and the Rivonia Trialists who were all communist atheists, the Boeremag 22 are said to be devout Christians and family men. The list of the accused includes a 26 year old who was studying for his Masters degree in Theology. He often delivered sermons at the Afrikaans Protestant Church.

In a sworn statement he describes his violent arrest by members of the South African Police Services.

"I was then taken out of the vehicle and put on a huge plastic bag on the ground. I was forced to lie on my stomach on the bag. They then started to pull the bag over my head, suffocating me. Thereafter a tube was pulled over my face. My head was pulled backwards violently."

This method generally known, as 'tubing' was what white policemen did with black political detainees during the Apartheid era.

Some believe that the Afrikaner tribe was once a nation of heroes. The Voortrekkers, in attempting to carve out some place for themselves in Southern Africa, where they could find a future, ventured into places which the ancient mariners might have described as 'Beyond this place there be dragons."

This is the place in which the white tribe now find themselves.

There is no sound in the bushveld save the thudding heart of the Boer nation in angst.
Who will dare to show compassion for those who cower in the shattered laager?

Mbeki attacks Jani

South Africa, far from being a "democracy," is to all intents and purposes a one-party Marxist state in which no criticism of the government is tolerated. President Mbeki's recent Internet letter is a loosely cobbled together compilation of misdemeanors (i.e., accurate reporting) committed by various journalists. These increasingly desperate attacks on the media in general and me in particular, ironically bring to mind the words of W.B. Yeats, the Irish poet Mbeki is so fond of quoting; "Things fall apart; the center cannot hold." On Friday, Mbeki called me "a racist liar" (or, alternately, "a racist psychotic liar") and slammed an article I wrote on rape and AID (

Using terminology from Psychology 101, Mbeki explained that "due to the psychological residue of apartheid, a psychosis (exists) among some of us such that, to this day, they do not believe that our non-racial democracy will survive and succeed." A few unintelligible lines later, he concluded: "So they look everywhere for evidence of decline, in order that they cannot be disappointed. Crime in our country provides them with the most dramatic evidence of that decline, the evidence that they are right to foresee a hopeless future for our country, the proof that sooner or later things will fall apart."

According to Interpol, South Africa is the international murder capital of the world. There are 600 murders for every 100,000 residents per year. This is ten times higher than Harlem, in New York, or South Central Los Angeles. Since the release of the saintly Mandela -- that shameless fig-leaf for the African National Congress -- more than 200,000 people have been murdered in South Africa. That is nearly four times the number of American soldiers who died in Vietnam. In the nine years following the end of apartheid and the "miracle" of South Africa's "democratic" election in 1994, almost 2,000 farmers and their workers have been murdered. There have been more than 15,000 attacks on farmers. The attacks are orchestrated and executed with chilling sadism and perversion. In some cases the orders for the attacks came from Shell (now Luthuli) House, the ANC headquarters. The systematic terror, though well-documented and photographed on various obscure websites, is largely ignored by the American mainstream press.

Jan Lamprecht, author of "Government by Deception", has this to say: "It is interesting that Marxist Mbeki had to take a personal pot shot at Jani Allan who was one of the most famous journalists in the country. In my opinion she speaks the truth and I say our President is a black, racist liar who is taking cheap shots at a white woman who is telling the truth."

My writings on and and other websites have been motivated by an earnest desire to inform Americans and all those who purport to be humanitarians, animal activists and environmentalists, that there is a tragedy of Biblical proportions unfolding in South Africa.

I have no personal vendetta against South African President Thabo Mbeki. Admittedly, when I had a radio show in Cape Town, I used to good-naturedly refer to him as M-Bek-One, since his name resembles the license plate of a car. But M-Bek-One evidently has a vendetta against me.
Why else would my apartment have been bombed? Why was I held up at gunpoint and forced to flee the country?

Recently I was on The Jeff Rense show, which airs coast to coast and streams globally. I spoke, among other things, about the farm murders which the world's top genocide expert, Dr. Gregory Stanton, has warned is a genocide of the Afrikaner-Boer people. I remarked, as have many other writers, that President Mbeki has a total obsession with race. (His talk of a non-racial democracy is nonsense given that the centerpiece of his government's legislation is Black Economic Empowerment.)

My radio interview on the Rense Show drew the predictable response from the Communist-dominated African National Congress: "We knew Jani Allan was a crazy attention seeker, but to tell such blatant lies about genocide being committed against white South Africans to seven million gullible Americans is beyond the pale. She has slandered our President and told lies that surely constitute treason."

Is it appropriate for the President of an African country to have his minions accuse me of treason? Does this outré disapproval not invoke Vonnegut's image of a man getting dressed up in a full suit of armor to attack an ice-cream sundae?