Monday, 19 March 2007

SA: Agricultural Meltdown - ANC Strategy EXACTLY as I predicted...

[Here is a mystery in 2007, and yet in 2001, in my book, Government by Deception, I explained all this in detail. People thought I had lost my mind, but as time passes you can see that my analysis was 100% correct.

We recently posted an article on AfricanCrisis about the Agricultural Meltdown happening in SA now. We now import 1 million tons of wheat annually.

This was the source URL:

Click here for Agricultural meltdown

If you read the above article you will see something which often happens. Why is the ANC ploughing forward with "tribal, small-scale farming" even when it is a hopeless failure? Why is it not listening to intellectuals from Harvard? Or listening to what the agricultural experts of this country have to say?

Is the ANC completely stupid?

Many people opt for the "ANC is stupid" theme.

But I do not. I explained that the ANC sees whites as the enemy. Its not just us who see the ANC as the enemy. The ANC saw us as the enemy right back before they came to power. To keep the CIA and their Western sponsors happy, the ANC pretends that it cares for everyone in its population - including the whites - but in reality it sees whites as the enemy and wants to break our economic power and drive us out.

The ANC does not see small scale black farming and the removal of white farmers who are replaced by blacks as a failure.

Take note that quietly, they are following 100% in the footsteps of Robert Mugabe! He saw the same thing... but that never caused him to return farms en masse. Neither will the ANC. Do NOT ever expect to see a reversal of their policy.

What this is about is about taking power out of the white man's hands. The ANC wants to reduce its dependency on white (mainly Afrikaner) farmers. It wants to work them out of the system.
Suppose 1 white farmer produced 100 tons of maize, but he is replaced by 1 black farmer who produces 1 ton of maize. You'd say, that we've lost a production of 99 tons. I say, the ANC does not see it that way. The ANC says: We went from 0 tons, to 1 ton of production BY BLACKS! To the ANC that is success. THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE DEPENDENT UPON WHITES.

The ANC sees the economy and agriculture in whites hands as a liability - a threat - a weapon in the hand of THE ENEMY. To the ANC, what is crucial is moving things into black hands - even if the economy as a whole suffers. The crucial thing is, that this power NOT be left in the hands of whites (especially Afrikaners!).

The ANC is of course deceptive. It does not tell anyone this. It would not dare explain its real logic with respect to Agriculture, any less than it explains its real logic with respect to Crime or AIDS. In each case, the ANC has a real reason for doing what it wants to do, but it would cause a furore, international shock and a white uprising at home if it dared explain its real logic.
So instead, the ANC keeps its mouth shut, pretends to be stupid when in fact, its deceptive and as cunning as a fox.

Today Mbeki said whites who complain about crime are RACIST! Ditto. Same thing. The ANC will never stop crime. Mbeki plays wordgames around crime - because crime is working the way the ANC intended and Mbeki firmly wants crime to continue. Mbeki is not solving the crime problem. Previously he ducked and dived and said, "What are YOU doing about crime?" Now he says, "Complaining about crime proves that YOU are a racist!" But they key issue is that... Mbeki is doing zilch, and will do zilch to sort out crime. He will PRETEND to want to sort it out, but he won't!

In Government by Deception I explained why the ANC and Mugabe do not concern themselves with the collapse of industries. The main thing for them is moving power into black hands - even if much of an industry collapses. The key is, getting rid of the "unreliable/enemy whites" and replacing them with blacks - even if the end result is a 99% reduction in output.

Collapsing the portion of an industry which is controlled by whites also means impoverishing those whites. This is important. Rich whites can fund political parties, military uprisings, etc. So, its better to impoverish whites instead because then they are powerless and their threat value is now ZERO. The ANC is happier that the 100 ton farmer is no longer making millions and that they have 1 ton coming from a black farmer. To them its a win-win situation.

The ANC will soldier on... because this is a war against the Farmer, the Boer Farmer in particular.

Already, in a number of ways, food inflation and other inflation is starting to hit us. The ANC's policies are starting to take effect. It will skew the industries, and cause all sorts of problems.

In many ways, Mbeki is a bigger racist scumbag than Zuma. Zuma is open and tells us he wants to screw us over. Mbeki wears a suit and tie and smiles and laughs and fakes civility... but in reality, he's screwing us whites, solidly every day of his life. And he does so, with the blessing of Washington and London who think he's doing a marvellous job. The CIA and MI6 think he's a great guy. But he's actually a duplicit quiet murderous bastard. He screws Zimbabweans over daily, he screws Afrikaners and whites over daily - all while laughing and smiling and pretending to be civilised. He's actually a bastard. Revenge is a dish best served cold - and Mbeki is a master at serving that dish. Jan]

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