Thursday, 18 January 2007

South Africa’s Genocide: It’s not crime - it’s WAR

August 17, 2006

The history of the Black African Liberation Struggle against colonial powers has always involved a guerilla strategy of attacking “soft targets” such as isolated farmsteads, bombing civilian public places and churches, politicizing the rural population by way of terrorizing them and branding non-compliants as sell-outs and traitors before brutally executing them in full view of their families and friends.

The tools to used to effect such “Struggles” have in every instance prolifically featured the use of the ubiquitous AK 47. This is a weapon of war – it is an assault rifle, the only purpose of which is to be used in warfare for the killing of human beings. It is not a gardening tool or a spanner (wrench) it is a weapon of war – period.

Direct confrontation with the security forces of the day was to be ruled out as much as possible as this invariably resulted in the annihilation of the entire “Liberation” unit. As such the “Liberation Struggle” was marvelously efficient in every aspect of its operation when it came to slaughtering and coercing unarmed civilians and a spectacular failure when encountering armed trained security forces that could fight back with devastating ferocity.In SA the “Liberation Struggle” was declared successful with the advent of 1994 and the installation of the ANC Government and was deemed to have ceased in order to commence with “Nation Building” of the Rainbow Nation.However, it is apparent that the “Liberation Struggle” continued with the removal of White Farmers in Zimbabwe resulting immediately in Zimbabwe becoming a basket case and millions of refugees flooding over the border into South Africa in search of a better life due to South Africa’s apparently better economy.As Zimbabwe collapsed, the plunder, pillage, murder, and human rights violations of Robert Mugabe were benignly regarded from South Africa by Thabo Mbeki who explained away his stance as one of “Quiet Diplomacy”

Bit of an enigma this “Quiet Diplomacy” concept unless of course one thinks about parallel developments in SA and Zimbabwe where whites are concerned and of course without even considering the history of Mbeki and Mugabe that goes back to the 60’sThis is a quiet diplomacy that has seen armed militia from Zimbabwe, armed with the traditional liberation struggle weapon – the AK 47 flood into South Africa to effect cash in transit heists and armed robberies of civilians in restaurants, banks, supermarkets and in their businesses, farms and homes. It has recently seen a full scale fire-fight between armed criminals (Guerillas?) and an SAPS unit in a suburban house !!In effect “Liberation” militia units armed with weapons of war from another country in conjunction with local militia are waging a full scale urban war against unarmed white civilians in South Africa. The ANC Government officially passes this off as crime which they say they “Are trying very hard to curb” – as evidenced by the allocation of the (white taxpayers’) money to Government officials’ excesses, luxuries, foreign trips and weapons of war by the tens of billions in comparison the allocation of virtually nothing to the police services and the judiciary to curb crime.

Foreign militia in South Africa, specifically from Mozambique and Zimbabwe are not traceable in SA, they have no paper trail, no ID documents, no fingerprints, absolute anonymity, freedom of movement and equipped for protracted guerilla warfare in the Black African tradition against unarmed white civilians who in SA are ALL traceable by finger prints if they have ID books, bar-coded SARS documentation, ID books, Vehicle Registrations, driver’s licenses, P.O. Box addresses, IP addresses – you name it.Very easy for the Government to absolve itself of being able to detain untraceable “Agents” from other countries who are involved in the slaughter of a traceable unarmed, static, dispossessed ethnic group like South African whites.

In the meantime, racial hatred against whites in SA is being overtly stoked at every opportunity by ANC mouthpieces like the press and national television. At every “youth” rally called to “celebrate” some “Liberation” event or the other black youths are actively being called on to perpetrate violent crime against whites. Whenever Mbeki or any other high profile black political or economic figure presents himself in front of a public address system, disparities are drawn between the “White have’s and Black Have not’s” to further incite black on white racial hatred while the government neatly side steps issues like it’s own multi-billion Rand corruption levels, fraud, outright theft and personal excess like multi-million Rand Presidential its, luxury homes and cars and unbelievable salaries for non-delivery of even the most basic services.
This is clearly an angle on violent crime in SA that is being overlooked and now needs to be placed under a microscope by the international community, brought to the attention of the International Human Rights Commission and the ANC Government brought up to the plate to give explanations for as well as plausible account of what they are doing about the genocide of whites in SA.


Billy Hoffmann said...

Good article, Mister Sandman!

The writer does an efficient job of spot-lighting the results of a tyrannical government and of the lawless citizens (i.e., criminals) who are only made bolder by the deeds of corruption from 'higher up's' [see Eccl. 8:11]. They will CONTINUE without fear of reprisal lest honest common-folks take quick action to stem this tide of blood.


It is is very important for South Africans, black or white, to clearly understand that the God of heaven (our Creator) has authorized all men everywhere to defend themselves against violent evil-doers, regardless of what uniform they may or may not sport. This is not a new teaching, for that John the Baptist even admonished Roman soldiers not to 'shake down' the citizenry [see Luke 3:14].

Here are but two (2) examples found in the Holy Scriptures that gives license to people to exercise God's primary Law of Nature (self-preservation, i.e. lawful self-defense) - prudent and wise individuals will look these up for themselves and will pray for understanding regarding this sobering topic:



NEHEMIAH 4:13-18

It is important to consider that while the LORD God came to the earth as the sinless Lamb of God, meek and humble, who paid-in-full the sin-debt of His saints, He will most assuredly not be returning in like fashion! He is coming back as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and He will violently slay His enemies upon His glorious second coming. The LORD is not, nor has He ever been a 'pacifist'.

He would have His saints to defend their wives, children, home, property, yes, even their livestock from brute beasts and from violent criminals (who will not be kept at bay with mere words and loud, tearful entreaties). I would strongly advise the upright citizens of South Africa to arm themselves with rifles, shotguns, pistols, and, if you cannot afford such means of self-defense, then at least get you and your family some machetes, knifes and axes. Should your family be accosted by an attacking force of blood-thirsty thieves and rapists, and should the Lord grant you a sound victory over them, you will then gain their weaponry without monies.

Speaking of the AK-47; any monkey can learn how to operate this rugged and deadly firearm. If you can afford to pick up one or more of these, then by all means get many high-capacity magazines along with as much ammunition as you think needful - and train with it that you will be safe, confident and accurate should you ever need to employ this devastating tool.

NOTE: Hitler, Mao, Stalin and the Pope's of Rome all agreed on one point: THE DISARMING OF THE CIVILIAN POPULACE - which makes for 'easy pickings' for genocidal actions to be conducted, with little to no casualties on their side. Prayerfully consider this matter before you dismiss the above with nary a thought.


Billy Hoffmann
Northern Michigan, U.S.
ex-U.S. Navy Special Warfare & Joint Special Operations Command


AAA said...

I hear you Billy, but here in South Africa we are not allowed to defend ourselves anymore.
If someone comes into your house to rob rape and kill you and you defen yourself by killing him first you will go to jail for it and you will be raped daily.
We don't know what to do anymore, but IF someone wants to hurt my wife and baby. I will fight for them even if it means jail. I love them too much not to do anything