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2007: Book: Black South Africans are worse off under ANC Rule - Township violence returns!!

Date Posted: Monday 22-Oct-2007

[Adriana sent me this nice piece. Well, its "Disaster Capitalism" being it is being implemented by Socialists and Communists - that's why. I hope the CIA learns its lesson from this. Don't hand the country over to Marxist TERRORISTS and expect them to run a proper Capitalist Pro-Western society!! Jan]


'Black South Africans are much worse off under ANC-rule than they ever were during apartheid... ' - Naomi Klein in "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism'...

After over a decade of ANC-rule under Thabo Mbeki, conditions for black people in SA are today so much worse than they ever were under apartheid that black communities all across the country's townships again have returned to the streets to protest -- waging violence-driven campaigns, this time against their own black regime. They are protesting against their dismal living conditions and also the drastic lack of civil liberties being endured under the Mbeki-regime.

Far-left Canadian journalist Naomi Klein noted these shocking living conditions of black South Africans under the Mbeki-regime -- describing them in her latest book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism". Klein provides the following list of how living conditions for SA blacks have gotten worse:

o Four-million people now live on less than $1 a day (doubled since apartheid);
o 48% of the people now are unemployed; it was 28% under apartheid;
o only 5,000 of 35-million+ black South Africans earn over $60,000 a year;
the ANC government has built 1.8 million (ramshackle, tiny) new homes while two-million South Africans have lost theirs;
o Some 1-m blacks were evicted from farms by new black farmers;
o the shack dweller population grew by 50%,
o in 2006, one-quarter of the entire SA population lives in shacks without running water or electricity.
o the TB/AIDS infection rate is soaring past 20% -- and the Mbeki government denies the severity of the twin killer-epidemics;
o The average life expectancy for everyone is at 48 years; it hovered around 62 years during apartheid;
o 40% of all SA schools have no electricity;
o 25% of all the 46-million people in SA have no clean wate
o 60% of all the people have inadequate sanitation; 40% have no telephones.


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