Monday, 15 October 2007

SA is 'rotting like a fish, from the head on down' - warns IFP leader Buthelezi

Date Posted: Monday 15-Oct-2007

The Afrikaans media reports Mangosuthu Buthelezi's keynote address at the annual Inkatha Freedom party conference in Ulundi, in which he warned that South Africa was 'heading for paralysis' under a 'paralysed ruling party'; that the country in fact is "like a fish, rotting from the head on down..."

The country is in fact being plunged into a deep constitutional crisis, warned Buthelezi.

Beeld journalist Dries Liebenberg describes the frail-looking Buthelezi's speech as deeply sombre and pessimistic about the country's future.

South Africa, said Buthelezi, 'is a fish which is rotting from its head on down".

He said the president 's interference in the justice department's attempts to arrest (Interpol president and) national police chief Jackie Selebi by firing the man who was heading the investigation, 'goes so much deeper than fighting crime.

"The highest political authority of the land has thus undermined the building blocks of the constitutional supremacy of our justice system," he warned.

"The Constitution is thus being trampled upon by those who are supposed to protect it."

Buthelezi thus also added his criticism to those of other opposition leaders who warned of a looming Constitutional crisis in South Africa.

Buthelezi said this crisis is however not 'just limited to law and order. We have a paralysed government which is suffer under a paralysed ruling party in a country which is heading for paralysis," he warned.
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